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Week 12 – Weight Loss Challenge Winner!


Week 12 of the head to head weight loss challenge between Andrew Grimason and Marc MacDonnell where we finally have a winner!

Andrew Grimason
Final Weigh In: 74.6KG
Weight Lost: – 1.7KG
Total Lost: 14.4KG
Well it has come to the end of the challenge and the boys weighed in for the last time this week. I gave them a few tricks before their last weigh-in to lose those extra few grams! Andrew has been sick again this week, I don’t know if he is licking the carpet back home but he seems to be always sick! So it was a pretty uneventful week for Andrew but he did still manage to lose 1.7kg this week, which is more than enough, so happy overall with his performance in the 12 weeks.
A total of 14.4kg lost, over 2 stone of pure fat Andrew burnt off! I met up with Andrew in The Burlington at The Irish Open and walked straight by him because I didn’t recognize him! Over the past 12 weeks I really only saw Andrew in his gym gear and to see him out in a size medium shirt was fantastic! He looked very fit & healthy, not a bad ending to a grueling 12 weeks.
The girth measurements at the end of the 12 weeks were astounding, 11cm off his chest, 20cm off his waist, 6cm off his hips. I showed Andrew his old measurements and he was shocked at the difference, so was I to be honest! His body fat % also dropped drastically from 32.2% to 22.6%, having more lean muscle really helps burning calories at resting periods.
There could only be one winner and it went to Marc, I sent all the results to three top trainers in Sydney to make the final call, I thought this way would be the fairest to choose the winner. It turned out Marc won 2-1 with his before & after pictures nailing it down for him. To say I am delighted with Andrews performance is an understatement, he worked his bloody ass off during the 12 weeks. I remember when I got back from Oz in December, Andrew came up to me at Christmas and said “Smythy, you need to kick my ass in the new year!!” and I did exactly that, he gave a massive effort and to train a good pal of mine made it even more fun!! Well done Chubb, now will you keep it up, is the question?
Andrews plan is to continue exercising and to lose another 7-9kg over the coming months. Write down your fitness goals Andrew!
Question for Andrew:
Q. How was your experience over the past 12 weeks?
A. “The overall experience has been amazing, it’s a great feeling to set goals and then do the work to achieve them. The first few weeks were really tough so glad I stuck it out. Also to have done with a good friend adds to it, was a few funny moments in the gym when Rob asked for a few more reps and I was like ‘fuck off ya bollocks!’. Not really a normal trainer relationship, but it was great!”
Marc Macdonnell: Winner
Last Weigh in: 102.7KG
Weight Lost: – 3.6KG
Total Lost: 24.8KG
If I told Marc to eat his dog’s shit because it will help you lose weight he probably would! Marc has stuck to my training & nutrition plan religiously, whatever I put in front of him he has stuck to it and that’s why he lost a monster 25kg and takes gold. Marc has turned his whole lifestyle upside down and added maybe 10 years to his life. He was in a bad way when he started and to see him now sprinting on a treadmill or punching the hell out of the bag is amazing.
Marc’s girth measurements at the end of the 12 weeks were also astounding, 15cm off his chest, 20cm off his waist and 14cm off his hips. I wish Marc would let me post his before & after pictures on Facebook because they are incredible, like a different person, rolls of fat vanished! But being spread on the internet like that isn’t everyone’s dream! Marc’s body-fat % dropped from 38% to 27.8%, I am a bit of a perfectionist so I think Marc has a good bit to go but what a start. Going back to what I posted last week that some people losing 20-25kg in a year, here is a guy who smashed that in 12 weeks, 3 months of hard work that paid off, time goes by quick so don’t just wait around, take action and get moving.
I also met up with Marc last week to see how he was getting on, he looked years younger and full of life, not that he was dying or anything like that but to see the before, during and after was proof he trained hard. Marc moaned a lot during his sessions but listened and finished each set, his weekly discipline was second to none. He may have drank a lot of alcohol during the 12 weeks but he managed to have NO cheat meals at all.
I am happy to say that since my career starting as a Personal Trainer Marc has been my biggest result yet, he is an inspiration to everyone in the fitness industry. He has lost 25kg and has signed up for another 12 weeks to lose his remaining 15kg of fat, and he will do it! Well done Marc, the feeling of being healthy is addictive so I have no doubt you will keep it up.
The weekly fitness challenge is still ongoing, Andrew is winning 3-2 with only 2 more challenges left. I will keep you posted on who will be jumping into the 40 foot! Well that is all from me, if you would like to transform your life please contact me at or +353874119004 or maybe “like” me on Facebook Hope you enjoyed the last 12 weeks and remember to write down your fitness goals and take action, nobody likes a couch potatoe!
Yours in fitness,
Rob Smyth
Question for Marc,
Q. How was your experience over the past 12 weeks?
A. “The 12 weeks with Rob was one of the best things I’ve ever done. When it first started I thought I’d no chance of getting through it but each week was making progress and even after as little as two weeks was feeling 10 times better. I’d recommend anyone who needs a push to just go for it if you stick to the plan Rob gives its guaranteed success. I plan to stick at it for another while and maybe take on some new challenges. Hopefully it stands me good in Vegas which is draining no matter how fit you are.”

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